Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet Rachel Yurkanin

  My name is Rachel Yuraknin and I live in northeast Pennsylvania in Jefferson Township (between Scranton and the Poconos) with my wonderful husband of almost 14 years, Donald, and our three children, Brittney, Noah & Jonah, who range in age from 19 down to 5 years old.

I joined the Stampin' Up! family in February 2001 strictly for the discount. A friend wanted to do a party a month after I signed on, I said, "Okay, why not! I need some big people time" and haven't turned back yet and it's 8 1/2 years later. I love the creative side of the business, but I don't only mean creating with the great Stampin' Up! products, I also mean how I am able to be creative with how I run my business. I get to do what works for me and my family. I have been blessed to be able to stay home and raise my children while building a business all my own on the side. Stampin' Up! has also given me the opportunity to travel and meet many wonderful people from around the country.

 I have had the honor of being a "helper" at three different Stampin' Up! events and over the past 8 years have earned sales awards each year and recruiting awards two different years.  I also earned 2 of Stampin' Up! incentive trips, the most recent a trip to Hawaii.

I just keep saying, "Wow, and I only signed on for the discount." It's been a wonderful "ride" and I'm not ready to jump off anytime soon. Although my favorite stamp set changes often, currently my favorite Stampin’ Up! stamp set is the Medallion background stamp (simple but very elegant or fun depending on what you use) and my favorite color is certainly celery.

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